About Us

DirtyBike is a US based, owner and employee involved after-market parts manufacturer for electric off-road bikes. We offer high-quality, user-friendly products to increase the enjoyment of these electric off-road bikes.

DirtyBike was one of the first to offer quality after-market parts to the electric bike community. We specialize in Sur-Ron, Talaria and E Ride Pro motor bikes.

DirtyBike designs, tests and develops all of its products in-house. Our testing includes off-road and hard enduro facilities where they are thoroughly track tested by professional motocross and off-road riders, as well as many enthusiastic trail riders. If the results meet our punishment, the product is then ready for our customers.

DirtyBike products are distributed exclusively through edirtybike.com to our worldwide dealer network and direct to customers. This approach ensures readily available technical information and support.

Our goal is to make building an off-road E motorcycle less complicated with quality products that are user friendly, and most of all, fun and enjoyable.


The Owner

Mike has been testing the limits for a long time. As a kid growing up in the 1970’s, he quickly learned that a faster bike could outrun the cops that sometimes got called when he and his buddies blasted their XR 75’s through the alleyways of San Antonio, Texas. Those childhood experiences gave him a lifelong desire to race and to win by making better machines.

He rode motocross for American Honda in the early 80’s, winning an amateur Texas state championship in 1984 & 85. Mechanical by nature, he was always looking for ways to enhance performance. He built his first pit bike in 1991 and continued to improve and refine the design over ten years. So when the pit bike craze hit in the early 2000’s he had a big head start on the competition and easily smoked the field to win the Florida State Pit Bike Champion 12” and 14” Classes in 2002 & 2003 and was the 2003 East Coast National Pit Bike Champion.

In the 80’s a new power sport was gaining popularity – jet skis. Mike bought a JS 440 and quickly learned that his motorcycle skills could translate to the water. Riding standups was like motocross on the water. He raced Sea-Doos in the Runabout Class on the Budweiser National Tour in 1992 & 1993. In 1994 he was the GA State Runabout Champion and won 2nd place in the FL State Championship that same year. After being recognized for his racing ability and technical knowledge, he was recruited by Sea-Doo to work in R&D at their facility in Florida, where he eventually ended up in the Engine Management System Calibration group. His depth of knowledge allowed him the opportunity to be the Global Technical Director for the IJSBA for 8 years, from 2010-2018, where he traveled the world officiating personal watercraft racing events.

Mike has been fortunate to have worked in the field of power sports throughout his 30-year career. He still loves racing and in his spare time, can be found building and flying drones, racing RC cars, kite surfing and hitting the dirt tracks in Central Florida on his custom-modified Sur-Ron Light Bee. He started db Industries in 2019 to fuel his passion for making better machines. He personally develops and tests all after-market parts for durability, functionality and performance.