420 Final Drive X-Ring Chains for Surron LBX Talaria Sting

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High quality 420 X-ring final drive chains offer low drag and long lasting reliability. 

  • Includes Connecting "master" Link

  • The X-ring has several advantages over the O-ring chain including:

    • A standard O-ring, when squeezed between the inner and outer plates, deforms and has a large surface area.
    • An X-ring seal placed between the inner and outer plates twists as opposed to being squashed. This creates two smaller sealing surfaces with less friction and wear.
    • An X-ring also distorts less than a standard O-ring, and the gap between the sealing surfaces does a better job of retaining grease.

    Additionally, D.I.D. a well-respected manufacturer of dirt bike chains, that makes standard dirt bike chains, O-ring dirt bike chains and X-ring dirt bike chains indicates their X-ring chains last twice as long as their O-ring chains - roughly 20,000 miles vs. 10,000 miles.