DirtyBike 219 Gold Series Primary Belt to Chain Conversion Kit Surron LBX

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Replace that primary belt drive system before it fails! Install a db DirtyBike Industries super quiet 219 primary chain drive system. This primary chain drive kit is much quieter than the 420 kit and is available with the stock gear ratio or a gear reduction.

Features of this all new Gold Series kit: 

  • One-piece, steel sprockets with improved heat treatment for reduced wear
  • KMC 219H chain that is extremely stretch resistant
  • Sprockets are improved to provide more adjustment for longer life
  • 20% lighter than the stock belt system
  • Available with gear reduction

We have been racing this kit with an aggressive17Kw tune for quite some time and it has proven to be extremely durable. 

Fits all Sur-Ron Light Bee and Segway X260/160.

Buyer and Maintenance Guide

Installation Tool